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HAUNTED by this song: Phosphorescent - "Song for Zula" [Sep. 22nd, 2014|08:10 am]
HAUNTED by this song: Phosphorescent - "Song for Zula"
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on shyness and introversion [Sep. 22nd, 2014|07:57 am]
i think out in the external world not many humans know the real me but maybe i like being quiet? see= that is my conflict! am i "shy" meaning i want to speak more but am afraid OR am i simply more of an introvert who does not want to BE OUTGOING and make a lot of NOISE & prefers observing and writing about it online and in books etc? i have a RICH inner world and that is mostly where i find joy and connection to that which is larger than myself along with plants and animals!

I communicate A LOT online. i am much quieter in the external world.

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Multi Media Artist Shannon Kringen

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i am proud about my modeling and aRt projects also because i deal with emotional challenges! so it's good i am focused on my aRtwork mostly. more productive than all my worrying and focusing on my personal issues.

300 of you like my official aRt page so far! thanks a lot!

and i have 1,091 followers on twitter! thanks.
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"Infinite Intricate Patterns KRING" printed on a t shirt by Shannon Kringen [Sep. 19th, 2014|11:37 am]
fig,grass_green,womens,ffffff.u1 i just ordered myself "Infinite Intricate Patterns KRING" printed on a t shirt by Shannon Kringen chasenaturetshirt
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Creative Taoist Photography, Meredith Monk and missing brain stimulation, being present [Sep. 18th, 2014|06:59 pm]
Creative Taoist Photography, Meredith Monk and missing brain stimulation, being present

i miss the brain stimulation i had when i went to school and finished my BA degree a little over a year ago.

Creative Taoist Photographer= (something i wrote about: The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology. Volume 28 Number 2, 1996 Characteristics of the Taoist Sage in the Chuang-tzu and the creative photographer by Philippe L Gross & S.I. Shapiro page 175) I am a photographer and I see it as a spiritual practice that keeps my mind fresh, alive and in the present moment. (if I applied this to my whole life I would be much more fully alive and free to learn,grow,heal, self actualize)

The article talks about using photography in the classroom as facilitating transpersonal vision. The characteristics of the Sage are sometimes echoed by statements in the photography literature of creative photography. Some of the sage characteristics shared with photography are: freedom from the sense of self, receptivity, spontaneity, acceptance, non-attachment, resourcefulness, free and easy wandering and “wu-wei” (an important concept in Taoism that literally means non-action or non-doing) for example: “As trees grow, they simply grow without trying to grow “

In creative photography (which I would call “improvisationally wandering with your camera and shooting in the present moment and responding spontaneously to what you see, shape,color,light,texture) can be seen as an communion between the self and the environment with no sense of separation.

Photographer Cartier-Bresson said “I am not responsible for my photographs. Photography is not documentation but intuition, a poetic experience. It's drowning yourself, dissolving yourself, then sniff, sniff, sniff—being sensitive to coincidence. You can't go looking for it; you can't want it or you won't get it. First, you must lose yourself, then it happens.”

A Taoist photographer responds in the present moment and lets things happen. The photograph almost takes itself. I fully agree with this most of my best photographs have been done this way. Spontaneously free and open to what is around me. Having never seen that kind of light or shape before. My heart and mind are in love with what I see and I shoot when it feels right. This cannot be planned.

I have had people tell me after seeing my photographs of shapes in water and mud puddles and chrome they now notice things out walking they never saw before. Art can be transformational for people. Flowing with life and not rebelling against it. Accepting what is “pretty and ugly both equally” being “equanimous”. All these spiritual principles are used in creative photography. I will add that this Taoist principles can also be seen in improvisational theatre and drawing and painting, singing, dancing. Especially jazz!

In summary the article states that creative photographers are sometimes conscious of these Taoist principles while they shoot photos and sometimes not. Either way it seems that a natural flow of life directs the action in this kind of photography that mirrors very closely that of Taoist wisdom.

watching a doc film on Meredith Monk (a musical artist i appreciate). her work makes me feel deja vu like. the abstraction of her vocal sounds feel like they are good for my brain too. hearing unusual sounds stimulates me into being in the present moment. art as a spiritual practice basically....this RESONATES with me in a BIG WAY.

Meredith Monk - Inner Voice (Trailer)
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Creative Commons Photos by Shannon Kringen Free to Publish! [Sep. 17th, 2014|05:01 pm]
Tree Hugger 6 by Shannon Kringen published here also on "Play Jugar" a "tree hugging clone"

Gratitude and Rust by Shannon Kringen via

photo of mine was published as #6 on this site:

if you need a photo mine are free to publish on your blog, facebook, anywhere online= you have my permission. thanks.
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shadow play [Sep. 13th, 2014|04:02 pm]



fun with shadows and painted sidewalk today! more shadow pics i took here:
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Music by Shannon Kringen Goddess KRING [Sep. 5th, 2014|12:29 pm]
Music by Shannon Kringen Goddess KRING


Music by Goddess KRING:
by Shannon Kringen

1. Crumplestillskin 03:47
2. 6 minutes of Kring 05:59
3. ohnen 01:38
4. illusion du ungulate 03:40
5. sirty sree furafi pirrows 00:51
$4.00 for 5 tracks.

by Goddess KRING Shannon Kringen (with Claxton Kent) is also for sale $5.00 for 6 tracks!

1. Carrot (SynKRINGnicity) 03:15
2. Windsong Spiral Drive 04:05
3. Stacks of Water Seed 03:05
4. Portal Vortex 03:44
5. Infinite Intricate 03:20
6. Clean Slate Island 03:50


Goddess KRING live at Chop Suey Seattle
by Goddess Kring (with Claxton Kent)
1. Infinite Intricate Patterns 04:52
2. Windsong Spiral Drive 05:47
3. Carrot SynKRINGnicity 04:42
4. Incast the Outcast 04:48
$5.00 for 4 tracks.
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Celebrating: Recent Art Sales by Shannon Kringen [Sep. 3rd, 2014|09:11 am]
Celebrating: Recent Art Sales by Shannon Kringen
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Art news from Shannon Kringen [Sep. 1st, 2014|11:05 pm]
i have been commissioned to make some aRt for someone! it will be multi media painting/photography/collage involving self portrait nudes of me with my painting on top of the photo art i made....collage style on a canvas!

i make art intuitively and then figure out what the theme/style/thingie is afterwards! i never have a specific idea as much as a feeling that i go with and see what happens.

working on writing down how to become an art model for someone working on a book! i need to figure out how to explain what i do as an art model as it's intuitive for me and people dont learn from me saying that so i need to explain it to myself what i do naturally so i can then write it down for others!

so if you have ideas on what you want to Commission me to do aRt wise i am OPEN and flexible! hand painted shoes, any photos of mine can be printed onto t shirts, mobile phone covers, etc. i can create fine aRt nude self portraits, hand painted canvas, mixed media collages etc. custom work for you. just ask!
AND OF COURSE i can model for any aRtist seeking a model!

Intuitive Natural Artist Shannon Nicole Kringen

Multi Media Artist Shannon Kringen
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Inside the Drawing T Shirt by Shannon Kringen [Sep. 1st, 2014|09:21 pm]
i just ordered this shirt for myself! Inside the Drawing KRING T Shirt by Shannon Kringen

Inside the Drawing by Shannon Kringen is also available as a print here:
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